Africa, where the imperial domination history has left a painful sequel of hunger and misery that attempts against the survival of its most precious treasure, the ancestral African man, has renew the attention of the western powers, especially that of the United States. The irrational exploitation of the non-renewable resources carried out by the great powers threatens to cause the disappearance of these resources and incites the eyes of the west to focus on the forgotten continent. It is worthy to make an analysis about what is happening in countries like Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and we might have time for it at a later stage.

South Africa, a country that, since President Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) came into power, has made an effort to overcome the debt of social injustice that lacerated that damaged republic during the years of the apartheid, is also in the spotlight of the American government.

It looks like if the main objective of the US Government and its secret services, particularly the CIA, consists of creating an implosion through a scheme of subversion in the society in order to bring down the popular support to the ANC Government.

If we get all together taking into account the different actors that interact in the SA governmental, political and civil society sceneries, we can realize there exists a subversive platform that can not have a goal other than to produce fabricated social and political crisis, through soft blows, violent actions or the combination of both, that are meant to lead to a regime change.

If we add to this situation the fact that the CIA counts on agents inside the own President Zuma’s government, who are powerful and influential persons, the danger is still greater.

We are talking about the South African Public Protector, Thulisiwe Nomkhosi Madonsela.

Born in 1962, MADONSELA is a public personality with big notoriety not only in South Africa but also in the whole African continent, even in the US and other western countries. An expert lawyer in constitutional and human rights issues, she was appointed in 2009 by President Zuma as Public Protector, and from this position she has fought against corruption, injustice and has enriched an impressive curriculum in favour of human rights.

In spite of this CV that bonds her to multiple and recognized institutions and organizations, there are elements that call the attention and transcend for being incompatible to this list of services.

The person to be awarded in 2014 the “Woman of Courage Award”, thanks to her trajectory in favour of just causes and honesty, doesn’t seem to practice herself the transparency she proclaims and demands to others.

We have learned that Madonsela maintains a fluid work communication with confirmed CIA officers Janice Broderick and Ilka Rodríguez Díaz, who appear to be her handlers, as evidenced in their communications with the Public Protector. It is also known that the three of them, Madonsela, Broderik and Ilka, communicate through e-mail addresses under domain of the CIA (


According to web sites, and, Broderick and ILKA belong to a Wide network of Langley employees in charge, among other tasks, of the work against the African continent. Madonsela, in order to establish communication with her handlers, uses methods that are proper of clandestine services and covers her correspondence by using different e-mail addresses.

However, the most surprising fact is that Madonsela has for herself an e-mail address at the CIA domain: through which she connects the encrypted communications in protected US Government networks. Is Madonsela an agent or is she a CIA employee?

The Public Protector is just one of the dots at the large net of human sources that the CIA has deployed in South Africa. In next articles we will reveal some other actors.


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