Is Thulisiwe Nomkhosi Madonsela an agent or a CIA employee?

untitledThis is a question hard to answer because the CIA protects its agents. We would need documents to prove this to be true, but maybe we will never have them, or maybe we will. However, in espionage classic literature the weakest element of the chain is, without any doubt, the communications they establish in their networks, whether they communicate with the top of the pyramid or with the basis’ agents.


Madonsela could be an intermediary officer of an extended espionage and subversion network. If this is the case, then she must be really protected.


It calls the attention to those people who are permanent curious and do research about these topics, not only the fact that the Public Protector possesses an e-mail address in a CIA domain, but also that she manages to operate the communications from four different e-mail addresses:


She seems to cover her tracks by using different e-mails to communicate with her contacts. This unusual way of communication, taking into account that she is an extremely public figure, implies that Madonsela sends herself messages from different account, including from her own CIA domain account.


So many e-mails could be explained by a high intercommunication, considering that she is not only an expert in South African topics, but also for the African continent. Madonsela is the executive secretary of the African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA), which gives her a privileged position so that her function as an inspector transcends the limits of her homeland and embraces the continent, where there exists the usual practice of the USA of gathering information about Presidents of countries that are oppose to the interests of the U.S. with the objective of discredit them internationally.


And there is the key of how a woman of barely 53 years has achieved a significant trajectory at an international level in her field. Only a CV of that nature can be useful to the interests she serves: CIA.Gov.


At this point, we can reach another question:


Is Madonsela another CIA project against South Africa or is she a CIA project against the whole African continent?


This investigation continues. My sources have promised me more information.






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