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Historically, the African continent has being a fertile land for the development of CIA covered actions in support of the hegemonic interests of the United States in the continent. South Africa hasn’t escaped from these actions and has been the target in multiple operations of this intelligence agency; operations that have evolved from the most violent during the apartheid period to the most non-violent novel methods developed at Langley to the creation of the wrongly called “Colours Revolutions”.


Effective actions as those applied in countries like Yemen, Egypt, Iran and Syria are the result of the creation of young leaders with high skills in oral speech, with the capacity of joining huge groups of young people using social networks and its media impact through the west mass media.


This western style for changing governments through non-violent methods has found in South Africa a source of young and charismatic people like the parliament member Lindiwe Mazibuko, who was considered the “most influential woman of South Africa” by Forbes magazine in 2012. And, as it has been known, in Forbes every thing has its purpose.


Thanks to the external support, this young parliament member, in spite of her black skin condition has quickly achieved important positions within the main opposition party, DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (DA), a historically white and apartheid heritage party. This is clearly an effort to change DA image. In few years, Mazibuko became a parliament leader inside this political sector, by apposing aggressively the ANC. However, from the shadows she has known how to hide her constant bonds with European organizations, specifically those who invented the “colours revolutions” and with her recruiters of the CIA.


Her entry to the CIA dark world was possible thanks to the support of her political mentor, the Public Protector Thulisiwe N. Madonsela, who helped CIA employee Ilka Rodríguez Díaz in the recruitment process. Her Langley file showed great capabilities to develop an Arab Spring in its Pretorian version.


With the purpose to complete her training as an agent and to consolidate her leadership position in the party, Mazibuko left the SA parliament and travelled to Harvard, supposedly to attend post graduate course in Public Administration, while her main objective was to be trained in “The Strategic Application of Nonviolent Action (IGA-388M)” a course at the Harvard Kennedy School, lectured by Slodovan Popovich, CEO of the NGO OTPOR-CANVAS[1] (a CIA cover-up) that puts into practice the theories of George Sharp, who was in charge of making the manual of the methods applied to bring down hostile regimes against the United States interests.



OTPOR is known as the “spontaneous” civil movement leaded by young college students that were meant to defeat Slobodan Milosevic’s government in Yugoslavia during the 90’s through the non-violent methods. This is known as the Bulldozer Revolution, first of the so called “colours revolutions”. Actually, according to web sites like Wikipedia, OTPOR received USAID funding and their main leaders as Popovich were trained by the US government, especially by the CIA boys following the subversive method of Gene Sharp.



Once she returns from Harvard, Lindiwe Mazibuko will use the most advanced and diverse methods of non-conventional war learned in the IGA-388M. Social networks and millionaire US funds will be the main assets she will use in order to unify the country’s youth against the ANC government. Powerful west media will promote Mazibuko as leader of a different South Africa, in which ANC politicians have no place, only the great hegemonic interests of Washington.


If there is any doubt about the role of the US Intelligence Services behind the IGA-388M where Mazibuko was trained, let’s take a look to the following goals explained by the very same Harvard Kennedy School:


-¨How do authoritarian regimes respond to civilian – led challenges and how can non-violent actors be prepared for, and exploit regime crackdowns? ¨


-How have external actors (e.g. foreign governments, NGOs, organizations, etc.) influenced movements-positively or negatively?


-What role will new media and communication technologies play in strategic non-violence?


With the manual of Gene Sharp under her arm Lindiwe Mazibuko will land at the South African Parliament, if she hasn’t done it already.


[1] OTPOR-CANVAS proclaims to have presence in more than 50 countries including Iran, Zimbabwe, Birmany, Venezuela, Ukraine, Georgia, Palestine, West Sahara, Eritrea, Byelorussia, Azerbaijan, Tonga and, recently, Tunes y Egypt.


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