The CIA has already his instigator at home


In recent times, we have witnessed a sequence of subversive social outbursts[1] that have no other reason but to increase the opposition of the people – mainly young – to the government, exploit the readiness and penetration reached in communications and to create a leader to head the increasing revolts meant to depose the government. The tactics are the same. In South Africa this plan is already in progress.


Since Julius Sello Malema was a child, he was an activist of the ruling African National Congress and with a rising political career he became the hired voice to deal with these plans and generate the revolts.


Thanks to evidence found trough investigations, it has been proved that Malema is a person of doubtful reputation due to his implications with the mob, money laundry, corruption and the wrong use of influences. He was expelled from the party and from his post at the Parliament, and then became the perfect candidate for Langley to confuse the masses.


We are talking about a well known figure in the country, fluent in his oratory, a publicity lover who was able to use the needs of the poor in order to rise as a leader.


It was in 2010, after moving through different positions at the ANC and the Students Congress, that the CIA started working on him. One of the first topics of confrontation was with the foreign policy of the RSA and his party’s line with regards to Zimbabwe.


From that moment on, he carried out several actions to divide the government, the labour union and the South African Communist Party, giving speeches meant to split the ANC and finally promote the creation of a new party, using funds that came from its illegal activities and other sources whose origin hasn’t being identified.


Among his regular contacts we could find two confirmed and exposed CIA officers: Janice Broderick and Ilka Rodríguez Díaz, whose conspiracy connections within the South African authorities have already being revealed.


From the US, Malema received the mission of heating the scenario and deceitfully mobilize the naïve who felt in his trap and encourage the outbursts to lead to an artificial crisis against the ANC’s authority using the same tactics that were proved in countries like Egypt, Brazil and Venezuela, just to mention some of them.

An example of this can be clearly seen in the events that followed the recent miners’ strike in South Africa (August 2014) where several workers died as a result of violent confrontations with police authorities. A sad situation used to discredit SA government.

untitledddThere is evidence that it was a result of the manipulative attitude of Malema and his friends Joseph Mathunjwa, President of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU).

On a subtle, manipulative and opportunistic way, Mathunjwa has known how to use in his benefits the authentic rights and opinions of the South African miners.

To achieve these CIA objectives they looked for advice and support from an organization already known by our readers> OTPOR-CANVAS and the sadly notorious Srja. Popovich.

Early in 2014 Mathunjwa turns via email to Popovich, asking for the most effective way to manipulate the miners against the ANC:


I am Comrade Joseph Mathunjwa the democratically leader of AMCU and together with one of the youngest political movements in South Africa, the EFF, under leadership of comrade Julius Malema, we plot interested in how OTPOR instrumental was in succeeding in overthrowing the bourgeoisie regime of Slodovan Milosevic on 05 october 2000”

The South African people, specifically its miners, should know the truth of this and other topics that we will soon deal with.





[1] Calles before as “Colours Revolutions” and now as “Springs” according to the place they occur.


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