DA asks for small party support to win Ekhurhuleni mayorship

Members of the Democratic Alliance display placards during a march for jobs in Johannesburg on January 27, 2016. More than 5,000 people took to the streets of Johannesburg calling for government action to deal with unemployment. / AFP / MUJAHID SAFODIENJohannesburg – The Democratic Alliance on Sunday offered to sweeten the deal for opposition parties in order to gain the mayorship in Ekurhuleni.

“Neither one of us [the ANC or DA] can form a majority local government, and will require the support of other parties,” said mayoral candidate Ghaleb Cachalia.

“We are therefore publicly making the following offer to all parties, including the AIC… [but] excluding the EFF who have elected to remain in cooperative and supportive opposition.

“If elected speaker and executive mayor in Ekurhuleni the DA will provide ALL elected councillors of the opposition parties a role on the mayoral committee and/or chair positions on oversight and standing committees.”

Cachalia said that, as it stood, there were 224 council seats in Ekhurhuleni.

“113 provide a majority to elect the local government.”

The ANC holds 109 seats, the DA 77 seats and the EFF 25: totalling 102.

“For the DA and EFF to jointly unseat the ANC in Ekurhuleni, we need the support and vote of nearly all of the remaining parties to obtain 11 of the remaining 13 seats.”

The opposition parties the DA is now appealing to include the AIC which holds 4 seats, the IFP and FF Plus, which each hold 2 seats, and COPE, PAC, PA, ACDP and IRASA, which are holding onto one seat each.

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