Official of South African Government pledges allegiance to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


In Articles previous published in this blog, we had revealed  how the South African government had been infiltrated by the C.I.A  from the United States of America, using the so-called defender of our democracy,  Thulisiwe Nomkhosi Madonsela.

 The South African news agencies do not give any credit to these facts. We promised to reveal evidence, exhibits about the links of Madonsela with the C.I.A, documents and oath which she proudly kept since a very long time, without the knowledge of her government and her people.

 In order to achieve her missions, she should take training on the craft to learn sophisticated communication methods, and cover-up techniques, of intelligence, which are neither included in any movie, nor learnt at any university.

This report would lack sense  without the corresponding oath of allegiance to a flag, to a constitution and to a foreign president.

In 1999, our protector Thulisiwe Nomkhosi Madonsela did not pledged loyalty to her people and country, but to the United States of America flag, in order to develop her shadowy activities in South Africa.

Before becoming member of the C.I.A Special Actions Department she became part under oath, of the selected club of outstanding agents in different parts of the world. How much damage has Madonsela caused to this country and its people, including Africa in general? How much information and how many cover-up activities she carried out together with Janice Brodrerick or Ilka Rodriguez? These are difficult questions to answer maybe we will never find the answers. However, the mere fact of pledging absolute loyalty to another flag, country and constitution, is just enough to start naming her, from now on. Thulisiwe chose to be the Protector of the Interests of a Foreign Government, by means of one of its most powerful institutions, The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A).


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