Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff: Brazil’s Parliamentary Coup and the “Progressive Media”

dilma-rousseff-400x266Transcript of Interview with Sputnik


What is your view on the parliamentary impeachment of Dilma Rousseff?


What happened in Brazil is just the most horrifying and flagrant illegal foreign-led parliamentary coup that has happened in Latin America since a similar coup, also foreign-led, deposed José Mujica of Uruguay in June 2009.

Why foreign-led?

Washington was behind it then – and Washington is behind the coup in Brazil today.

What amazes me most though is that the so-called ‘progressive’ media do hardly mention the long and bloody hand of Washington in this coup. This reality is conveniently left out.

Just a year ago, international legal authorities were clear about the unlawfulness and baselessness of impeachment. They all saw the illegitimacy of launching an impeachment procedure.

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Brazil president Dilma Rousseff comes out fighting in impeachment trial

dilmaBrazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, put up a fight in keeping with her Marxist guerrilla background on Monday with a powerful denunciation of the politicians who are poised to eject her from power within days.

Testifying in her own defence before a predominantly opposition senate, the Workers’ party leader said she had withstood torture in her fight for democracy and would not back down even though she is widely expected to lose a final impeachment vote likely to occur within the next two days.

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