Official of South African Government pledges allegiance to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


In Articles previous published in this blog, we had revealed  how the South African government had been infiltrated by the C.I.A  from the United States of America, using the so-called defender of our democracy,  Thulisiwe Nomkhosi Madonsela.

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The Media Has Failed to Explain the New War on ISIS in Libya and the Chaos Wrought by NATO Regime Change


Libya remains embroiled in chaos. Its U.N.-backed government is falling apart, and internal wars continue to be waged on multiple fronts. ISIS ravages the north of the country. The U.S. is bombing it — again, in the second war in five years.

But what is rarely communicated in media reports is that the only reason ISIS is in Libya in the first place is because of the 2011 NATO regime change operation that toppled the government, giving Islamist extremists a vacuum in which to expand.

Western powers sold the 2011 bombing campaign as an ostensible humanitarian mission to protect rebels fighting the regime of Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi. Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, used NATO’s own materials, however, to conclusively show that “the Libyan intervention was about regime change from the very start.”

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Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff: Brazil’s Parliamentary Coup and the “Progressive Media”

dilma-rousseff-400x266Transcript of Interview with Sputnik


What is your view on the parliamentary impeachment of Dilma Rousseff?


What happened in Brazil is just the most horrifying and flagrant illegal foreign-led parliamentary coup that has happened in Latin America since a similar coup, also foreign-led, deposed José Mujica of Uruguay in June 2009.

Why foreign-led?

Washington was behind it then – and Washington is behind the coup in Brazil today.

What amazes me most though is that the so-called ‘progressive’ media do hardly mention the long and bloody hand of Washington in this coup. This reality is conveniently left out.

Just a year ago, international legal authorities were clear about the unlawfulness and baselessness of impeachment. They all saw the illegitimacy of launching an impeachment procedure.

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South Africa: President Zuma Arrives in China for G20

zuma china

President Jacob Zuma has arrived in Hangzhou, China, to attend the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

President Zuma will engage in talks at the summit, which kicks off on Saturday, over the work of the G20 this year, which had adopted the overarching theme of ‘Towards an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy’.

South Africa is a member country of the Group of 20 (G20), which consists of 19 countries, with the European Union being the 20th member. South Africa’s participation in the G20 is aimed at advancing the national agenda, which is creating a better South Africa and contributing to a better and safer Africa and a better world.

The country’s participation in the G20 is to provide strategic foresight in establishing an economic and international policy platform that will drive and negotiate the best possible outcomes for South Africa, Africa and the developing world.

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Kenyatta meets Zuma and Mugabe at TICAD

Zuma+Kenyatta+%u200F@PresidencyKenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and South African President Jacob Zuma met on Saturday on the sidelines of the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) in Nairobi to discuss regional security and bilateral issues.

The two leaders discussed the situation in South Sudan and how the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) was navigating the peace process in trying to restore sustainable peace, a statement issued by the presidential strategic communications unit said.

They also discussed decisions taken at the African Union summit in Rwanda, and how to accelerate implementation.

The two presidents also touched on deepening bilateral trade relations between Kenya and South Africa.

As a key step to enhance the existing relations between the two countries, Zuma confirmed that he would make a state visit to Kenya in October, the statement said.

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Japan extends investment into SA

japan south africaSouth Africa and Japan have recently concluded a deal that will see increased investment opportunities between the two countries.

The agreement, which was signed during a conference last week, is between Invest SA and Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), where South Africa will set up a Japan-specific desk and vice versa, SABC News reported.

South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, said: “We both agreed that there will be a Japan-focus desk on our side, and a South Africa-focused desk on their side, which is an indication that we are moving further forward in our relations.”

With South Africa shifting towards a cleaner and sustainable energy mix, it is looking to develop a partnership where it can employ Japan’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Japan invests in skills development

In addition, Japan has committed to to take 40 South African University students, double its previous figure, to attend training programmes in Japan.

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Brazil president Dilma Rousseff comes out fighting in impeachment trial

dilmaBrazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, put up a fight in keeping with her Marxist guerrilla background on Monday with a powerful denunciation of the politicians who are poised to eject her from power within days.

Testifying in her own defence before a predominantly opposition senate, the Workers’ party leader said she had withstood torture in her fight for democracy and would not back down even though she is widely expected to lose a final impeachment vote likely to occur within the next two days.

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China Makes Biggest South Africa Auto Investment in 40 Years

china autoA Chinese state-owned car manufacturer agreed to build an 11 billion-rand ($759 million) auto plant in South Africa, the biggest investment in a vehicle-production facility in the country in four decades.

The Beijing Automotive International Corp. plans to start production at the facility in 2018, International Chief Executive Officer Dong Haiyang told reporters in the southern coast city of Port Elizabeth on Tuesday. The plant will be built in partnership with South Africa’s state-owned Industrial Development Corp. and have a capacity of 100,000 units a year by 2027, he said at the the industrial development zone where the factory will be located.

“South Africa’s automotive industry has received a major shot in the arm with the announcement of the biggest greenfield investment in 40 years,” the companies said in a joint statement.

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