World Briefs: Evidence supports NSA code was stolen

57b46a66c461881b2b8b466fWASHINGTON — Analysis of the cyberweapons that hackers say they extracted from the top secret National Security Agency has left a key team of outside experts increasingly certain the files came from the NSA.

The Russia-based Kaspersky Lab, which has been at the forefront into research of NSA techniques, said it found 347 instances of encryption algorithms in the leaked files that have been seen previously only in NSA-linked computer programming.

A successful hack of the NSA — if that’s what happened — would mark a major defeat for one of the crown jewels of the U.S. government’s defense establishment. The NSA’s hacking unit has been credited with sophisticated cyberweapons, including the code that is credited with crippling the Iranian nuclear program.

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Kejriwal’s NGO Parivartan was funded by CIA, the way he functioned as Delhi CM proves it: Amarinder Singh

Captain Amarinder SinghCaptain Amarinder Singh alleged that Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO was funded by the Ford Foundation, which is supported by the CIA. He said that the way Kejriwal functioned while he was the Chief Minister shows that he had taken money from CIA.

 Captain Amarinder also sought a probe by the government of India into the alleged CIA funding of the NGO Parivartan that Kejriwal ran, while in service, along with Manish Sisodia, who is now his Deputy Chief Minister in Delhi.


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